The Zen of Chocolate

When you think of chocolate, what do you think of first, the taste, the smell, the texture? Or, do you just want some and want it now?

I have decided to name my blog “The Zen of Chocolate” because it represents what chocolate means to me. When I am making my chocolate, I am struck by so many elements. First, the aroma as it comes into temper is amazing. It grows until the whole shop is filled with the tempting scent. As I stir to temper the chocolate, I watch the ribbons of colors spiral before me, sometimes, it is spellbinding.

Then, there is the taste. As a very wise man once said “it feels like velvet in my mouth”. Many professional chocolatiers look for the gloss and the snap of a well-tempered chocolate, for me it is so much more. This is the experience I would like to give everyone who enters Sweet Maralyn’s.

So come in, relax, and let the chocolate melt in your mouth. Let yourself feel the sensation and see where it takes you.